Josh Hicks grew up and worked among farmers and tradesmen. He is a businessman who knows what it means to meet a payroll. At the same time, he knows the value of our local, state, and federal government and how they can serve our citizenry.

Josh can speak for those who reside in either urban or rural areas. He has lived in both and knows the similarities and differences of the residents. He lives in an area that is flush with healthcare facilities that are out of reach for many of the people who reside here. He has witnessed conditions where people are miles from healthcare resources as well as being unable to obtain affordable healthcare. This understanding allows him to be our spokesman for such issues as preexisting conditions and the need for the availability of affordable options for healthcare coverage.

Josh Hicks has served as a marine and as a police officer. He understands the value of public service and the dedication it takes to provide that service.

I encourage each of my fellow citizens to cast their votes for Hicks for the 6th District congressional seat.

Russell Wright, Frankfort

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